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3G Sunset Info

Important 3G Sunset Info, Make The Switch To 4G Now! When it comes to life safety, failure is not an option.

Avoid Service Disruption

Major network carriers—including AT&T—are prioritizing 4G over slower alternatives including 3G. Many mobile phone users have already upgraded to 4G. Due to the upcoming “sunset notice” issued by AT&T, 3G service will be fully transitioned out in the near future. This transition can occur in your location at any time without notice. Why wait?

IntelliPath™ 4G

4G—the same lightning-fast wireless technology millions use on their mobile phones—is one of the most reliable methods of alarm signal transport. With Honeywell’s IntelliPath 4G, the system finds the best signal in the area—helping to make sure alarm signals get through.

What is the 3G sunset announced by AT&T?

AT&T is shutting down the older 3G network, which doesn’t support high data speeds, city by city in a process called 3G harvesting. This harvesting process begins to take 3G frequencies and convert them to 4G frequencies over time, eventually shutting down the 3G network once all frequencies are harvested out. The goal is to get 3G subscribers to move to newer 4G networks. By shutting down 3G and using the same space on the airwaves for 4G, AT&T can increase data capacity by more than a hundred-fold.

Why haven’t I heard about this?

Much of the attention around the 3G sunset has been focused on cell phones.  Your business or home alarm communicator that relies on the 3G network will also have to be upgraded so it will continue to operate without any technical issues.

Why is the 3G wireless network being eliminated?

Data use on wireless networks is increasing as more and more people embrace smartphones and tablets. AT&T must shut down the 3G network and use that space for 4G networks that will increase data capacity and speed.

How does the 3G Sunset impact alarm systems?

Many wireless alarm systems communicate via cellular networks like the 3G and 4G networks. Some wireless alarm systems were installed with a 3G compatible GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) device that will only communicate via the 3G wireless network. Therefore, when the 3G network shutdown occurs in your area, these systems will no longer be able to communicate alarm signals.

Will I be required to upgrade to a 4G option once the 3G sunset is complete.

Yes. Once AT&T and other carriers shut down their 3G networks, all 3G devices, including your alarm communicator, will no longer function. An upgrade to a 4G option will be required to continue to communicate to our Monitoring and Dispatch Center.

You mention AT&T specifically, but are all carriers harvesting 3G networks? Can’t I just change carriers?

Your current security panel is carrier-specific based on proprietary alarm messaging services in your area. It is not possible to switch carriers without an equipment change, and only then if the appropriate alarm messaging service is available in your area.

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