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Fire Safety in the Home

Fire safety in the home is of utmost importance, and one critical aspect of home safety is fire prevention and preparedness…..

Unveiling the Power of Network Wiring

In our digitally connected world, a robust and reliable network is essential for seamless communication, efficient productivity, and effortless entertainment.

Control4: 10 Ideas for Smart Scenes

Welcome to the world of Control4 scenes, where you can effortlessly transform your home into a personalized and automated haven.

Geofencing With Home Automation

For those of you who aren’t up to date on this latest technology trend…

Video Doorbell

There are many ways having a video doorbell can help you live smarter….

Resideo Total Connect

Resideo Total Connect allows you to watch over your family, home or business whether you are there or…..

Fire Safety Tips

Draw a floor plan and escape route for each level of your home…..

Home Security Tips

Exterior doors should have quality deadbolt locks with no less than a 1″ throw All latch-strike plates on your doors should…..

Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation for the home is becoming the new “norm” in the modern house…..

3G Sunset Info

Major network carriers—including AT&T—are prioritizing 4G over slower alternatives including…..

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