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Home Safety Systems and Tips

Learn how to better protect your home and family. Out of the approximately 2 million burglaries which occur each year, three quarters of them happen to residential homes….

Home Security System Buyers: Don’t Get Scammed!

The other day, while sifting through my mail, I came upon a mailer from an alarm company offering me a “free” home security system…

Fire Protection System Safety

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors have a life expectancy. Even if you perform regular maintenance and testing, which suggest they are still functioning correctly, you should always replace the unit(s) at the end of their useful life…..

Employment Opportunity: Alarm Technician

Immediate employment opportunity. Looking for qualified security /fire alarm technician. Positions are full-time and available at both our Rockland & Orange County locations…

N.A.S. Security Systems Owner Is In The News!

Article, featuring N.A.S. Security Systems owner, Roy Brachfeld. Discusses the importance of video surveillance when it comes to aiding authorities in solving crimes.

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