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Preventing False Alarms

Preventing false alarms can help you save time and money. False alarms are a nuisance for all involved, especially for the responding authorities. These alarms distract the authorities from real emergencies and tie up their resources. Some municipalities can even fine you for excessive false alarms.

Here are some tips for avoiding false alarms:

  • When allowing visitors and house guests to operate your alarm system, make sure they know how to properly use your system.
  • Wireless keyfobs may help reduce the human error by simplifying the arm and disarm process.
  • Make sure all doors and windows close and secured properly. Unlocked doors and windows, in some circumstances, may move or shift which may cause a false alarm.
  • Pets can often create many false alarms. Make sure your system has been designed for your specific pets. Please contact GCSI for more information.
  • Due to the design of most motion detectors, certain conditions can be created that may cause false alarms. Some of these conditions include the movement of large plants, balloons, or decorations. To reduce potential false alarms, attempt to place these items out of the range of your motion detectors or out of the path of moving air. For more specific information about your motion detectors please contact our office.
  • False alarms can also be generated by pests, spider webs, or even dust near your smoke and motion detectors. Be sure to have them cleaned regularly.
  • The disorder created during remodeling and construction may generate false alarm conditions. Any changes to your security and fire system during construction should be completed by a trained alarm technician. Please contact your alarm company before starting any remodeling or construction project
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