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Video Surveillance: Tips On Choosing Security Cameras

Video surveillance solutions are becoming more affordable for projects of all sizes. When thinking about installing a video surveillance system (CCTV), it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There are many camera and solution options available. In addition there are also a lot of circumstances to consider before making a decision. That is to say, before committing to a specific type of system do your research. Meanwhile, here are some important factors to consider:

Environmental Factors

Are you planning on placing cameras in a “dirty” environment? For example, one with high dust or exposed to outside elements.  You want to choose cameras that have dust and moisture-proof housing.

Obvious or Hidden

Do you want to deter a crime or catch someone in the act? Cameras which are out in the open can possibly deter thief by their presence. Therefore, a hidden camera is best to use if you want to gather information or evidence without the knowledge of the subject.

Single location or wide area

Are your cameras needed to focus on a single location or to scan a wide area of space? Many cameras come with adjustable lenses. In addition, you can get cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

Image quality

Are monitoring an area with harsh lighting conditions? You will certainly need a higher resolution camera system. Meanwhile, if the area is well-lit and small, you want a basic camera system with a lower resolution.

Data Storage

Are you looking to store video? A simple security camera set-up can rely on memory cards installed in the cameras themselves. If you are looking for a long-term data storage with a large storage capacity you can opt for a NVR (network video recorder).

Day or Night

If you are monitoring areas with no or low light, you will want to invest in a camera system which offers infrared LEDs.

Surveillance systems can be fully customized and designed. They can be integrated with most existing security systems. For example, door sensors, motion detectors, alarms, access control and more. It is important to work with an experienced security consultant. As a result, all your assets will be protected and all your needs will be met. For more information, contact N.A.S. Security  at (845) 342-4400.

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